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Creating a good brand name today is one of the most important, difficult, and time-consuming tasks in the branding process. The brand is one of the most important assets of a company and it is fundamental to ensure that the names created are in accordance with the strategy of the brand. This means that the names have to convey, vision, scope, positioning, character and the central idea of the brand, whether it is a product / service or a company.
In addition, it is important to ensure that the name chosen can be registered at national and / or international level.


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Visual identity is the set of formal elements that represent visually, in a systematized way, a name, idea, product, company, institution or service. Generally this set of elements is taken as the basis by creating a logo, which is nothing more than a kind of visual symbol formed through colors, typographies, graphics, characters and other elements that need to be identified by consumers through images, slogans or signature.
Identity is what will represent the concepts and idea of the company visually.


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More than creating a logo, slogan or graphic image, Branding is a strategy that combines concept, positioning and planning with the visual identity of your brand. It is the bridge between the client and the company, creating a connection between them. The goal of an integral Branding project is to achieve a privileged position in the minds of consumers and a relationship of proximity to your brand through strategic planning.


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Digital marketing is a set of activities that a company / brand performs online with the purpose of attracting new business, creating relationships and developing a brand identity. Its main strategies are SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.
In summary, Digital Marketing is promoting products or brands through digital media.


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Rooted in concepts such as the consumer experience; in brand experience and event marketing, brand activation incorporates components from each of these areas with the ultimate goal of generating value in the consumer mind and creating an easily memorable brand there.

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